1 hour 45 min immersive experience with actors


Seating within "prison cells"


Smuggle your own bottle of liquor inside the experience


4 x personalised cocktails with high quality fresh ingredients, made with the liquor you bring


Option for 4 hour full venue hire with pizza and liquor provided also available

What You Need To Know

Hidden behind unassuming shutters on an East London street, lies Cell Block Two One Two, a secret speakeasy prison that’s an exceptional immersive theatre experience for the whole office. Your team will be absorbed into a storyline, where the serving inmates are your bartenders, the guards are crooked and you become a part of the story. How will you use your time on the inside? Smuggle your liquor your way, or get help from the guards on the take? Get involved with Clyde Cassidy’s bootlegging operation or keep your head down? 

You’ll smuggle your own “liquor” (alcoholic or non-alcoholic spirit for cocktails, beer or 0%, wine and fizz) into the Prison for the “serving” mixologists  to create cocktails or mocktails. You won’t find a set menu of drinks here, with a range of tailored cocktails every night based on the liquor you bring and your tastes. Or if you would rather not smuggle in your drink, there is the option to upgrade and allow the team of trained bootleggers to pre-arrange a secret stash of drinks hidden in your cells.

Those that really want to get involved can really get into character, trying out their American accents and throw themselves into multiple secret missions and storylines.

Those that would prefer to sit back and enjoy are welcome to do that too, whilst enjoying personalised cocktails and mocktails in this unique and fun world.

Every guest experience is unique, with fun, light-hearted side-missions throughout, will your group help piece together the puzzle for an escape or will they help finally bring down the smuggling empire behind bars?

For those that are interested in missions you can choose to send some of the group to meet the Warden and put forward their case for early release. With the Warden eager for informants, it just may be one of your group becomes their mole. Or, send others to meet Inmate Cassidy and conjure up plans to finally escape the inescapable Alcotraz.

Make the experience extra memorable by assigning your boss or CEO their own unique character. Perfect for those looking to get a little more out of their experience or to stitch up one of the gang, watch them play out an integral part of the immersive storyline.





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