55 minute outdoor or indoor shuffleboard lanes


90 min reserved tables for afterwards


Freshly made sourdough pizza available


Cocktails, wine and craft beers available


Full and semi-private venue hire available

What You Need To Know

Enjoy work event in the heart of Shoreditch, at the home of the supercharged game of shuffleboard! Originally played on the decks of transatlantic cruise ships, lane shuffleboard is a game in which two teams of players use long sticks called ‘tangs’ to push discs called ‘biscuits’ along a narrow lane into a scoring triangle at the other end. Players can hit a 7, 8, or 10 with each turn, with the team reaching 75 points first being the winning team. Beware though, land in ‘the kitchen’ and you automatically lose 10 points. Touch a line and the points don’t count. Land in the ‘dead zone’ and your biscuit must be removed. Harsh, but definitely fun!

Fast-paced, fun, and guaranteed to bring out your competitive streak – it’s the perfect team activity. The stunning outdoor terrace is set up for rain or shine, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy excellent cocktails and delicious sourdough pizza.

The basement speakeasy, Crazy Eight, offers an intimate setting for a game of table shuffle, making this the only UK venue to offer both versions of the game under one roof.

Package options include 55 minute outdoor or indoor shuffleboard lanes and 90 min table bookings for afterwards where you can enjoy buckets of craft beer and bottles of prosecco.


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